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21.10.2017: Back On stock
Thai Anabol 1000 tabs 5mg, Danabol 500 tabs 10mg, Azolol (stanozolol tabs), Androlic (oxymetholone)

14.10.2016: New BD and AP 1ML - products back on stock
DECABOL BD 200mg, SUSTABOL BD 250mg, TRENABOL BD 80mg, TESTABOL PROPIONATE BD 100mg, TESTABOL DEPOT BD 200mg, TESTABOL ENANTHATE BD 250mg, BOLDABOL BD 200mg, Decabolic, Cypiobolic, Sustainbolic, Trenabolic 80 mg CHECK online and get some products for free.

12.10.2016: We have Botox on stock
We are glad to announce we have new products on stock: Botox VISTABEL VIAL 50U, Botox DYSPORT LY VIAL 500U, Botox PO INJ , SLO 100U. Contact us; Please LOGIN:

22.10.2014: Where to buy steroids?
Online shops that we suggest are 100% verified and certified! However if you are about to buy steroids, you SHOULD be cautious. There are more than thousand websites online which claim they have steroids, but most of them are fake.

22.10.2014: OFFER Bank to Bank Transfer extra 20% discount!
We are able to accept Direct Bank Transfer. For payment trough Bank Transfer we offer extra 20% discount!


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